The environmental issue of the presence of arsenic in the drinking water of bangladesh

Arsenic in Bangladesh

One of the major sources of air pollution in urban areas of Bangladesh is due to the unburned fuel from two stroke engine vehicles.

Public health statement for arsenic [cited Sep 16]. Consequently, sincethe World Health Organization has recommended limits to the maximum concentrations of arsenic in drinking water. Environment court has already been established to take prompt legal action against environmental pollution.

Subsequently respiratory problem, gangrene, skin, kidney and lung cancer would arise. Arsenic contamination of water wells in Nova Scotia. Air pollution of Bangladesh is caused due to increasing population and associated motorization.

Previous studies have also shown that cigarette smokers have a significantly higher total urinary arsenic concentration and MMA concentration than non-smokers do [ 34 ].

The protonation steps between the arsenate and arsenic acid are similar to those between phosphate and phosphoric acid. Everyday approximately tanneries of Dhaka city are discharging about 16, cubic meters of toxic wastes. Without any major efforts that would most likely be planned and facilitated by the government, few options remain to provide safe water.

This, in turn, affects the economic output of the region that relies partly on aquaculture. Arsenic is known for getting into your drinking water from Effect of arsenosugar ingestion on urinary arsenic speciation. One previous study suggested that methylated arsenic is a minor component in the air of suburban, urban and industrial areas, and that the major inorganic portion of air is composed of the trivalent and pentavalent compounds [ 46 ].

Cities in the South East Asia such as Delhi, Bangkok and Manila suffer from high levels of lead, particulate matter, and oxides of sulfur. The air pollution percentage of most five industrial sectors of Bangladesh in the year is shown below: Additionally, poorer families tend to be disproportionately affected by the issue of groundwater salinity.

The models examined individuals' knowledge of an arsenic problem in the household and knowledge of specific illnesses caused by arsenic exposure.

It is glassy and brittle. Arsenic also occurs in various organic forms in the environment. Taiwan, Chile, and Argentina have all shown increases in these cases. Organoarsenic chemistry Trimethylarsine A large variety of organoarsenic compounds are known.

Sometimes natural erosion can introduce large quantities of arsenic into a local water source. Therefore, arsenic exposure from cigarettes smoking may also be a serious health concern especially in communities with high concentrations of arsenic in the drinking water [ 37 ].

Arsenic water contamination is endemic across Asia, with India, China, Vietnam and Cambodia all experiencing problems. Solid Waste and Sewage Disposal. In the Northeast especially, well water is more likely to be As such, few more steps may also be taken to improve the environmental degradation: The presence of lead in soil also led to a concentration of lead in the leaves of plants grown in the area.

If governments lack the resources to immediately provide safe water, they should facilitate the engagement of the private sector and inform potential arsenic victims of the imminent dangers of contaminated water.

If the sea levels rise as predicted in a "moderate" climate scenario, Bangladesh is predicted to produce 0. Finally, the seventeenth doctor determined their troubles came from arsenic poisoning in their water.

Other studies have shown that the perceived effectiveness of actions taken to avoid exposure and events that motivate people to take such action such as public-awareness campaigns leads to change in behaviour.

Arsenic in drinking water is considered one of the most significant environmental causes of cancer in the world.

Urinary excretion of inorganic arsenic and its metabolites after repeated ingestion of sodium metaarsenite by volunteers.

In contrast, inorganic arsenic species are highly reactive and affect a series of intracellular reactions [ 7 ]. This would specifically affect the only freshwater region of the Tetulia River, the Meghna Estuary. Air pollution mainly occurs due to burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum etc and associated black smoke.

Case-control study of bladder cancer and drinking water arsenic in the western United States.The world’s worst environmental health hazard: arsenic in Bangladesh. The scale of the problem In the last ten years arsenic has been identified in the drinking water of more than 30 million people in Bangladesh, making it presently the world’s largest environmental hazard.

Knowledge of Arsenic in Drinking-water: Risks and Avoidance in Matlab, Bangladesh

The World Bank has recently invested large sums of money. drinking water, related health and social problems, arsenic chemistry, analysis and standards, arsenic removal processes and systems, and social and institutional issues associated with mitigation of.

Key words: Arsenic, Water pollution, Water supply, Drinking-water, Risk factors, Arsenic exposure, Awareness, Bangladesh INTRODUCTION The demand for environmental quality in developing countries is generally considered to be relatively low due to poverty. Arsenic in drinking water is a problem in many countries around the world, including Bangladesh, Chile, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, and the United States.

1 Arsenic may also be found in foods, including rice and some fish, where it is present due to uptake from soil and water. In Bangladesh, large numbers of people are regularly drinking water containing more than 5 times and up to more than times the usual concentration of arsenic.

Adverse effects on health, such as skin changes and cancer have been experienced by people living in these regions.

Environmental issues in Bangladesh

Arsenic contamination of groundwater is a form of groundwater pollution which is often due to naturally occurring high concentrations of arsenic in deeper levels of groundwater. It is a high-profile problem due to the use of deep tubewells for water supply in the Ganges Delta, causing serious arsenic poisoning to large numbers of people.

A study found that over million people in more than 70 countries .

The environmental issue of the presence of arsenic in the drinking water of bangladesh
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